The decision to enter counseling  is a choice in making and creating the life you and your loved ones truly want.  A reflection of your experience and how it has affected not only your life but those around you whom you love dearly.

My approach towards making this first step easy is allowing yourself permission to acknowledge the pain and suffering that it has taken you to get to this step. Noticing what you have done in effort to change your life up to this point, hasn't worked out as you had hoped. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is about living the life you want in the face of these obstacles. Allowing yourself to see how your thoughts feelings, memories, and sensations can show up and get in the way of moving towards who and what is important to you.  When these things show up what is that you do?

Do your actions in the face of these thoughts and emotions serve the desired purpose that you want your life to be about?

Learning occurs in the present moment and life occurs outside the therapy room. Connecting the present moment with willingness and acceptance helps create a context of meaningfulness to move into the life you truly want to live.


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Tom Wellington has 20 years partnering with individuals, couples, and families in helping them clarify areas in their life they want to improve and identify new ways in which they can get there. 

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